Where’s The Party?

by Zen Gray

Last night at dinner, David and I discussed what was important to us as far as this wedding is concerned: David is adamantly opposed to the chicken dance. Everything else is cool. That is one of the reasons why I love him. Life with him has been SO EASY.

I went to my first bridal show today as a newly engaged bride and it solidified my stance on forced participation of wedding guests to clap and dance by an over-zealous DJ… I’m definitely against it.

I got to thinking, though. When is it ok to force people to do anything? Does that ever work? Does it bring real change or just temporary resentment through a clenched smile?

Clients have bought training packages in the past for their spouses and the ONLY time the spouse ever had success is when they requested the gift… not when it was given as a surprise. Sometimes the unsolicited gift of health can be misunderstood like, “Hey, I got you a personal trainer because I think you’re too fat and I want you to change. Happy Birthday!”

I think the DJ would have done better if he just started to boogie down and played some awesome music. I’d much rather join the party because it looked like a great place to be… not because someone implied what I was doing was lame compared to what they wanted me to do.

I know what’s it’s like to really, really want someone I love to live a healthier lifestyle and watch them continually choose a more self-destructive route. It’s so frustrating and I want what I think is best for them but all I can do is hope they’ll be inspired to join the party sometime. So, I’m extremely happy to report that I’ve seen it happen time and time again…so don’t give up on your loved ones… or yourself.





2 Comments to “Where’s The Party?”

  1. That’s what I’ve loved about you and I from day one…we ARE the party.
    Love you.

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