Working it out… together

by Zen Gray

I’ve been on my new training regimen for three weeks now… and David, my fiance (Do I say that too much? I love that word!), has been working out with me for the last two. I wasn’t really sure how things were going to work when we first started. Was I going to annoy him when I corrected his form? Was he going to get me off track? Was I going to lose momentum because he didn’t feel like going to the gym with me or eating my chicken and broccoli again for dinner?

We’ve been eating relatively the same food every day except for Sunday nights when we have a one-hour free-for-all that I dream about all week. My coach said he allows that one hour a week because, “Compared to a week-long strict diet, that one hour of letting your blood sugar skyrocket isn’t going to do too much damage.” I just laugh when I think about the amount of food I can consume during that hour. It’s such a liberating feeling to eat whatever you want without guilt AND I’ve lost an average of two pounds per week. But man– you gotta EARN that cheat hour.

David seems less excited about the cheat hour than I do. Then again, he hasn’t been as strict as I have during the week. When he’s at work, he eats whatever he wants even though it’s usually pretty healthy. For example, I ALWAYS have the same thing for breakfast — oatmeal with protein powder (not bad, actually) and a glass of green stuff in water. And today, David had coffee and a donut. WTF??!!! Of course, I wasn’t around to see it because I was teaching a spin class. I only found out after we were working out together and I asked if he had any water. He mumbled… “Uh, there’s water in coffee, right?”

“You didn’t drink any water this morning?”
“Did you eat anything?”
“I had a… uh…. meh…meh..meh.”

“I HAD COFFEE AND A DONUT!!” And then he laughed and hid his face.

My jaw dropped and I pointed at him, “YOU!!!!”

Then we both laughed and got back to the workout… which was fun even though he was EXHAUSTED because, of course, he was dehydrated.

At least he didn’t eat it in front of me.

So far so good. 🙂


2 Comments to “Working it out… together”

  1. This is such a cute blog…I enjoyed reading it…This is me and my hubby too(and oh how I love that word too ;)…He’s so damned disciplined! LMAO

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