by Zen Gray


It’s easy to focus on the negative– like those parts of your body that you’d like to change… but how about the parts you LOVE?!

How about all the people in your life that LOVE you? That you have access to healthy food and clean water?

For technology that allows you to learn practically ANYTHING? That we’re living at a time when ANYTHING is possible?

On this happy Friday in March, I just wanted to put out some good vibes… not only to help others, but to remind myself what a magical thing it is to be alive.

I’m thankful that:

  • My family is healthy and loving and thriving.
  • I have a wonderful fiance that loves me, supports me, makes me better and makes me laugh.
  • My puppy is sweet, soft, quiet and finally house trained.
  • I live in Southern California where wonderful weather, farmers markets and active outdoor lifestyles are possible year-round.
  • People are willing and happy to help me figure out how to use my smart phone and other techie stuff that makes me nuts.
  • Even though I don’t always feel like it, I’m lucky that I can run, jump, lift, dance and play.
  • I get to see other people live healthier and happier lives because of my efforts, advice and enthusiasm!

What are you thankful for?



5 Comments to “Thankful”

  1. I am thankful that my self worth is not conditional on the attainment and perpetuation of external considerations, which is done by promoting an independent identity of my own, not playing roles opposite others

    • Yes, I have to admit that I’ve let my “roles” affect my opinion of myself in the past. And yet, when I’ve embraced being a part of a community and how I relate to others, I have felt very fulfilled. Knowing that I have something to contribute, knowing that I have my own power, and helping others realize their own power — that they are important and that we all lose if they don’t step up — is an external circumstance, right? I guess where it would be dangerous is if I fell apart because I couldn’t “reach” someone else and then felt like a failure because of that. I don’t know…. am I going too far down this rabbit hole?

  2. Although I don’t always show it, I’m thankful that God wakes me up every day and gives me another chance to go out and make a difference in somebody else’s life! I’m also thankful that even though I whine and complain about alot of things in my life, I’m coming to a place of acceptance and appreciation and learning to be happy with the ‘now’ – thanks Zen for your awesome reminder that we need to realize how truly blessed we are to just have the things we do!

    • Thanks, Veronica. I feel like it just takes some time to get to that place of acceptance and appreciation… hopefully, we all get there! Although, I’m guilty of getting “sucked into the crazy” as much as the next person sometimes 😉

  3. Spot on…

    Its our choice to catch ourselves assuming more responsibility then the situation demands and to catch ourselves protecting others from the consequence of their own behavior.

    It will be more beneficial in the long run to allow others to be responsible for themselves.

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