by Zen Gray

Thankfully, there are always options.


We can choose to be pissed at people that play unfairly… or we can let it go and focus on other opportunities. I’ve seen many people choose to hold onto anger and bitterness for years only to have it cause health problems. It’s like that quote, “Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t be a grudge-holder. It’s exhausting and I’m too perky for that.

David and I had a great workout on Monday night and really let go of the wedding contest disappointment. We decided instead to focus on the options that we have now. We can have this wedding any day we want, any where we want and have as many (or as few) as we want. We can do a beach wedding where none of the guests wear shoes. We could do a party in a mountain lodge where everyone wears pajamas and we have hot cocoa and s’mores. We can do a destination wedding or a get married during a little cruise. Or Vegas! And I can pick a dress to wear from any designer I like! Lots of ideas sound fun to me and I’m not attached to any of them.

I think it’s the same for exercise. If someone gave you one routine and said, “This is it. Don’t deviate. Go!” You might find it a little tedious and restrictive. But when you explore all the fun classes and equipment and routines available to you, you’ll enjoy mixing it up so much more! Sometimes I want to power through and lift as hard as I can. Sometimes I want to just go for a long walk and not kill myself over the intensity. Sometimes, I want to do a circuit with David. Sometimes I want to just crank up my cardio and zone out with my ipod. Sometimes I want to go dancing. Sometimes I just try to keep up with my puppy (which we’ve decided is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and German Shepherd mix and LOVES to play for hours or sprint like she’s on a lion hunt).

I think what’s important is that we recognize that there are many paths to achieve the same goal but much of our journey depends upon our attitude. Lots of ways to get married and lots of ways to get healthy!  We can choose to enjoy the triumphs or we can bitch about inconveniences. (Although, I think that acknowledging my pissed-off feelings for a moment is fine as long as I don’t wallow in them for too long.)

So go forth and frolic in your favorite way… and I’ll keep you posted on the wedding ideas. 🙂



4 Comments to “Options”

  1. We sent out 350 invitations for our wedding and the guest list was around 700, including kids. (It was on New Year’s Eve though, so not THAT many actually attended. Plus, my husband and I are from two different states. Anyway…) Our wedding was done very cheaply with lots of DIY stuff and we did not have alcohol or a full meal which saved hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars. Guests expecting food depends on what time you have the wedding! I know you can make your special day perfect. At the end of the day, what matters is that the people you both love that are nearest and dearest to you be there and that you are MARRIED to each other! Best wishes!

  2. Again, your timing is awesome Zen! Reminding me that there’s more than one way to skin a cat (pertaining to your exercise thoughts) just gave me the needed spark of enthusiasm and “it’s gonna be ok!”. I tend to be an extremist with no real balance on my life whe it comes to the important things: I either overeat or don’t eat at all, I either go into depression mode and do nothing or I go in the opposite direction and kill myself working out (cardio in the gym 8days a week PLUS 3 or 4 hour daily hikes, intense strength training….those kind of extremes) and of course vie also struggled with being older and not being that same athletic, thinner person I was in my late 20’s and then trying to get BACK to that way of life person I was then – which, is impossible. I look at it as reinventing myself at a different age! Anyway, as I said, thanks for reminding me that I dont have to stick to he same routine – although I may love it, it still can get boring – and that I should do what I feel as long as its part of getting me to my goal!

    • I think we all need reminders sometimes, Veronica. I’m the same way.There are many different ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and I just try to stay curious about new classes and workouts and equipment and races etc. I also like to check out farmers markets and cooking classes, too, to find new healthy recipes that I like. So the game doesn’t become, “How can I lose 10 pounds?” but “What new thing can I try that is good for me this week?” So much more fun that way, you know?

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