Gall Bladder Cleanse – Day Two

by Zen Gray

The Vegan JointToday felt better than yesterday – for me. David’s all achy today but I feel fine. We tried this vegan restaurant around the corner called The Vegan Joint and it was pretty awesome. I had tofu tacos and he had a pepper steak wrap made from tofu. I think we were thrilled NOT to be ONLY juicing during this cleanse so that’s why I’m feeling good. The detox can’t be as strong when not juicing… but I’m ok with that. Obviously, it’s still doing something because we’re tired and sleeping a lot this weekend — although, I woke up early this morning to help teach a bootcamp on the beach and I felt energized and alert. (Awesome group, too — about 100 participants this morning!)

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing on the couch and watching movies. (I had to get the latest Harry Potter DVD this weekend. Don’t judge me… I love it.) We had to get more cold pressed organic apple juice, but Whole Foods only had one quart left so we’ll have to venture out again tomorrow.

Tonight, we just put the juice in the glass pitcher, added 4 tbsp of  Stone Dissolve Tea and poured half of the Stone Buster formula to sit over night. We sipped on juice today, enjoyed some tea, ate some new vegan cuisine, and of course had 6 Colon Detox caps this morning and this afternoon and took Vibrant Colon tonight. (David only takes one, I take two.) Before we go to bed, we’ll take 6 more Colon Detox pills with 16 oz of distilled water and then we’ll call it a day.


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