by Zen Gray

Happy Easter!  Most people who celebrate Easter will enjoy a little candy today and I think that’s totally fine. However, I think it’s important to have lean protein and veggies in the house to start the day off right tomorrow.

David and I have already taken puppy to the dog park this morning and walked to Starbucks to get a chocolate croissant. We’re getting together with family later and I’m pretty sure that ham and deviled eggs will be on the menu. I’ve tried to drink lots of water today and I’ve already got the eggs, green powder, chicken breasts and broccoli ready for tomorrow so we’re back on the health wagon immediately. A little planning always helps me from going astray for too long.

Along those lines, I just got a book from Amazon yesterday and I’m so excited to read it: Tim Ferriss’s “The Four Hour Body”. I’m so impressed with his willingness to use himself as a guinea pig for all of his experiments and the guy’s just a genius. I’m sure he’ll have some great ideas and it looks like he’s consulted with a ton of doctors and other health experts.  The unresponsiveness of my fitness coach is frustrating me so I’m using this book at as catalyst to find new guidance and inspiration.

Looks like we’re off to the egg hunt… HAPPY EASTER!four hour body


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