Hello Again!

by Zen Gray


So, like many people, I’ve had a lot to do lately. It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog because I’ve been freelance writing for Vital Juice but also… I got married.

“Married?” asked Jake Ryan.

“Married.” declared Long Duck Dong.

“Married?!!!” Jake asked again incredulously.

“Yeah… MARRIED!!!” Dong bellowed while closing the door. “Sheesh!”

Yep, I’m a married woman. I must also point out that this is the longest (continuous) relationship I’ve had since I started my awkward dating career back in high school. Since saying, “I do,” I’ve come to realize many things about my relationship patterns that I will happily share (in future blogs) because I think they aptly pertain to love and fat.

I look forward to once again reporting my observations and discussing our opinions on the matter.

Until then… a happy wedding shot!


Zen Gray gets married


4 Comments to “Hello Again!”

  1. Yay! Congrats Zen! I’ve been missing your blogs! Im looking forward to reading them again! Hurry! 🙂

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