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April 17, 2011

Gall Bladder Cleanse – Day Two

by Zen Gray

The Vegan JointToday felt better than yesterday – for me. David’s all achy today but I feel fine. We tried this vegan restaurant around the corner called The Vegan Joint and it was pretty awesome. I had tofu tacos and he had a pepper steak wrap made from tofu. I think we were thrilled NOT to be ONLY juicing during this cleanse so that’s why I’m feeling good. The detox can’t be as strong when not juicing… but I’m ok with that. Obviously, it’s still doing something because we’re tired and sleeping a lot this weekend — although, I woke up early this morning to help teach a bootcamp on the beach and I felt energized and alert. (Awesome group, too — about 100 participants this morning!)

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing on the couch and watching movies. (I had to get the latest Harry Potter DVD this weekend. Don’t judge me… I love it.) We had to get more cold pressed organic apple juice, but Whole Foods only had one quart left so we’ll have to venture out again tomorrow.

Tonight, we just put the juice in the glass pitcher, added 4 tbsp of  Stone Dissolve Tea and poured half of the Stone Buster formula to sit over night. We sipped on juice today, enjoyed some tea, ate some new vegan cuisine, and of course had 6 Colon Detox caps this morning and this afternoon and took Vibrant Colon tonight. (David only takes one, I take two.) Before we go to bed, we’ll take 6 more Colon Detox pills with 16 oz of distilled water and then we’ll call it a day.

April 16, 2011

Gall Bladder Cleanse Day One

by Zen Gray

Dr. Foster's EssentialsWe’re coming up on the end of “Day One” of our gall bladder cleanse. I’ve got a slight headache but other than that, I’m feeling ok, which is great since I’ve had either a cold or some kind of allergy this week with my nasal passages all full of gunk. I also had some weird kind of achy leg thing this week and that seems to be dissipating, too. Could be a coincidence, though.

I just did a search for “gallstones” on Google and I have way more incentive to do this cleanse now than I did just moments ago. Yuck. I’m not going to post any pics of it, but if you’re curious, do that search and perhaps you’ll want to join us in doing this cleanse…

Anyway, we shot some video of our little kitchen production this morning but I’m too tired to edit it now. I promise to get that up on YouTube within the next few days. In the meantime, I’ll just describe the cleanse.

First of all you can find the instructions on Dr. Foster’s site under “Stone Buster Instructions”. We were a little confused because there are different instructions on the site for “Stone Dissolve Tea Instructions” and Dr. Foster told me to use fresh apple juice, the Stone Buster Herbal Formula AND the Stone Dissolve Tea. I’m going to have to talk to her about that later…. but I figured, “Hey, this is all herbal and she even says you can do more or less depending upon how you feel.” So, I’m just going to share how we did it today.

We bought 2 quarts cold pressed organic apple juice from Whole Foods (we’ll need to buy 2 more quarts tomorrow) and a few gallons of distilled water. We also had the following from Dr. Foster:

We woke up and took 6 colon detox caps with 16oz of water to help absorb toxins in the intestines.  Then I trained a client for an hour and when I came home, we started the production. Last night we put 1 quart of apple juice in a glass pitcher and added 8tbsp of the Stone Dissolve Tea and covered the pitcher in the fridge. By morning, some of it had spilled over the top because I’m guessing the tea expanded and displaced a little of the apple juice. A bit of a mess in the fridge so hopefully you’ll learn from my mistake and leave some room at the top of the pitcher.

We poured the apple juice/tea mixture into a large pot and brought it to a boil — then turned off the heat.  Then we dumped all 4oz of the Stone Buster Formula into the mixture and stirred it up. We added the other quart of cold apple juice since we are both doing this cleanse. So at this point, we’ve got 2 quarts of apple juice/tea/Stone Buster mixture… and we poured half of it back into the glass pitcher to use tomorrow and put it in the fridge.  The other half we put in two separate containers that we enjoyed sipping on all day.

Thank GOD this stuff is tasty. Really, it’s like warm apple cider. Love it.

We also took two full droppers of “Peaceful Nerves” and just put it under our tongues. That wasn’t so tasty but it had a weird Novocaine effect — almost instant numbing of the tongue. Peaceful Nerves is supposed to help any pain one might experience when passing either gall stones or kidney stones (this program can be used for both). Neither one of us is having any pains right now but we figured we might as well take some… just in case.

Dr. Foster says it’s best to juice for the entire 4 day program — but you can also go vegan with your food if you must eat. Well, we had to eat today and had salad with no dressing and had some popcorn at the movies tonight, but that was it besides lots of water. I’m teaching a bootcamp tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how I feel after a workout.

Oh, I’ve got to take my 2 Vibrant Colon pills right now. You’re supposed to take it with dinner and only use 1 Vibrant Colon the first day and only if you don’t notice a difference in QUANTITY when you go to the bathroom the next morning, then you increase the dosage by one more pill with dinner the next night. I’ve been taking her colon cleansing products for a few years now so I know that my dosage is 2 Vibrant Colon pills… but you might be different so start off easy. You’ll know if you took too many if you have diarrhea the next day. Trust me. Just start with one on the first night with dinner.

Then right before bed, I’m going to take 6 more colon detox caps so they absorb some of the toxins that are getting released during this cleanse. You can take anywhere from 4 to 10 colon detox caps because they just absorb crap and get it out of you… it’s not medicine that gets distributed to your body. You’ll know if you take too many because you’ll be more constipated. (Isn’t this a fun blog about elimination?)

Anyway, hope that wasn’t too graphic or gross… but sometimes you just gotta say it how it is.

G’night 🙂

April 15, 2011

Getting Off Track

by Zen Gray

Forgive me for not updating sooner… I took some Nyquil on Sunday night and just woke up this morning. Nyquil

And let me apologize if you’ve been waiting for the cleansing info. Not only was I a little sick this week, but David and I were planning on trying a new cleanse and we didn’t have all the stuff we needed… so it was the perfect excuse to hold off on reporting the results.

If you’ve ever read any of my facebook or myspace blogs before, you’d know that I’m a big fan of Dr. Cynthia Foster, a holistic MD that prefers to heal people with natural, herbal remedies. (She’d be really pissed if she knew I took Nyquil, by the way, so SHHHHHH!!!!!) She advised me recently that I should do a “stone dissolve” cleanse for my gall bladder because I’ve experienced some strange pains in my right side from time to time. Weird pains, too, that I couldn’t figure out because they’d start off really mild and grow stronger and then go away. She said that it was probably a gall stone passing and doing a cleanse to break up the stones wouldn’t hurt. So I offered to try it and document the process… and volunteered David as well. (Thanks, honey!)

Now that we’re all ready to go, tomorrow will be day one. It’s only a four-day cleanse but I like to start on the weekends just in case I’m detoxing too quickly and I’m too irritable to deal with clients. I didn’t think David would appreciate detoxing at his job, either, so Saturday morning is our new target time to start.

Obviously, I got off track this week. Everybody gets off track sometimes. But even though events might not go according to plan, I think it’s the COMMITMENT to getting things done that’s important.

So, don’t beat yourself up if you miss that workout or have one cookie instead of protein shake. You got off track. Just stay committed to your health and refocus as soon as you can. It’s not about being perfect… it’s about being committed.

I think that goes for everything in life: relationships, career, health. How can we possibly know all the variables in every situation that could affect us? We don’t. Life is messy. But if we focus on what we want —  the end result–  then we’re more likely to get it even if we didn’t foresee the entire journey exactly as it unfolds. Lindy Hop

On a side note, I’m feeling so much better today and it could be because David and I finally went swing dancing last night together! Dancing always lifts my spirits and I’m very happy to report that my fiance now knows how to Lindy Hop. WOO HOO!

Bring on the detox!! I’m ready!!!