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April 19, 2011

Gallbladder Cleanse – Day 3

by Zen Gray

Apparently, I’ve been spelling “Gallbladder” wrong… making it two words when it’s just one. Oops.

Anyway, just wanted to do a little report on Day 3 of the cleanse. My energy level was great all day until after I taught a spin class. I think I just didn’t have enough calories in me although I ate an apple before jumping on the bike. The vegan meal afterward was so satisfying, though, that I felt better immediately after eating. David continued feeling achy yesterday although he said he felt a little better. He can’t tell whether it was because he was sick or if his symptoms were from the cleanse.

On a side note, one of my clients told me yesterday that Gloria Vanderbilt had her gallbladder removed and her gallstones made into a necklace. I’ve been searching for a picture of that this morning, but I can’t find anything on Google to back that up. I have, however, found several pictures of gallstone jewelry that you can get from China. Weird, cool or gross? All of the above, I guess. But the green stones do look pretty, right?

black gallstone neckalcegallstone necklace2

green gallstones

I haven’t been looking too closely to see what’s coming out… but I’m pretty sure I’d notice if sparkly green gems popped out of my butt. I’ve read some accounts of people “blasting” their stool to check out the stones or to have them sent off to be analyzed. I get it, but I’m not that interested in “panning for gold” in my toilet at this point. Perhaps if I were in pain, then I’d be more motivated, but I’m just not.

Still continuing with Colon Detox caps first thing in the morning, then drinking a 1/2 quart of the fresh organic apple juice/tea/Stone Buster concoction throughout the day. Had an apple and a vegan dinner but other than that… I just drank distilled water and took two Vibrant Colon pills with dinner. I only took one dose of Peaceful Nerves all day, too.

David and I were discussing how many people we knew that have had their gallbladders removed and how wrong it seems that everyone is SO YOUNG! Many people have commented on my facebook page that they’ve had their gallbladders removed after giving birth, that birth control pills were a factor, that it was hereditary or that they just ate too many pizzas and burgers. And perhaps this cleanse isn’t enough to save someone’s gallbladder if it’s already full of stones — but for about $100, I’m totally willing to try an ounce of prevention even if it only has a slight chance of helping. Plus Dr. Foster is adamant that cleansing has healed so many of her patients. Why wouldn’t I try this? It’s only 4 days out of my life, it tastes good, and I’m feeling pretty good throughout the process. I’m guessing it’s a lot easier than going through gallbladder surgery and costs a lot less.

Just one more day to go!